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Manufacturing & Production

Many manufacturing and production companies use Industrial Timestudy Institute’s professional engineering services because they require accurate and expedient results. Our 50+ years of experience in the Industrial Engineering field has given us a wide range of expertise in the manufacturing and production environment.

Industrial Timestudy Institute provides assistance in work measurement using traditional stopwatch time studies, predetermined time systems, as well as computerized work measurement software. Our engineers are experienced professionals with a multitude of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution backgrounds focused on the primary goal of producing results.

Our long list of satisfied clients, which include union as well as non-union companies, have produced substantial dollar savings with significantly increased productivity. We can assure you that the opportunity for substantial reductions in operating costs and increased productivity are attainable.

In order to improve productivity it must first be measured. Before any improvements can be made, it is essential that the present status be known. As improvements are suggested and evaluated, there must be a baseline for comparison. Without specific reference points, there is no way to determine if proposed changes really result in an increase in productivity.

Industrial Timestudy Institute can provide the expertise, personnel, and years of manufacturing and production experience to develop your company’s baseline metrics and productivity improvement potential.

A meatpacker

Industrial Timestudy Institute provides productivity consulting services utilizing the appropriate tools for our client’s needs.

  • Time Studies to Determine Standards
  • Predetermined Time Standards
  • Methods Analysis
  • Line Balancing
  • Delay and Downtime Analysis
  • Work Sampling Studies (Ratio Delay Studies)
  • Direct and Indirect Labor Analysis
  • Labor Utilization
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Job Instructions

Industrial Timestudy Institute offers a wide range of project staffing options regardless of your needs. From short term (one or two days for performing time studies on select operations) to intermediate or long term, as well as turnkey projects.