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Time Study & Continuous Improvement Seminar

A Non-Technical, Intensive, Hands-On workshop that will train your personnel in the Continuous Improvement Techniques that have been developed by Industrial Timestudy Institute over the past 60 years.

ITI’s Time Study, Methods, and Continuous Improvement seminar is designed to fully train your personnel to perform your work measurement requirements professionally the first day back on the job. By training your personnel, you will have a person who is familiar with your product, policies and objectives. No prior experience or training in Time Study or Work Measurement is necessary.

Upon completion of the course, our graduates are able to return to their respective companies and immediately perform time studies, develop production standards, calculate direct labor costs, and perform methods analysis to improve the job or process and eliminate non-value added activities.

Overview of Course Content

  • Continuous and Snapback Time Studies
  • Proper Elemental Breakdowns
  • Normalizing, Performance Rating
  • Personal, Fatigue, Unavoidable Delay Allowances
  • Developing Fair and Equitable Standards
  • Machine and Process Studies
  • Standard Data and Standard Costs
  • Methods Analysis and Cost Reduction
  • Standardized Work



Comments From Students

“Excellent teacher! Delivery of material was progressive and at a pace that allowed optimal learning. Started out very basic and gradually built up to everything we needed. I believe I will have no problem applying the learned techniques at my place of employment. I am very pleased with the training. Very informative!” Time Study Coordinator, Cook Urological, Inc.

“Great training! Instructor went over everything, made sure everyone was comfortable with the material. The plant visits were very helpful to reinforce what we learned in class.” Cost Accountant, Louisville Bedding Company.

“Instructor was excellent! Did a great job of creating an enjoyable learning atmosphere. Very professional and sincerely interested in our success. The training was excellent. I will recommend that my company send our employees to this training. Process Engineer, Dickey-john Corporation.

“Very informative. The class was taught so that anyone attending could be trained no matter what their experience level. The material was taught in basic, easy to understand steps. The experience of going to actual companies was the most beneficial. You get to see actual problems that may arise.” Industrial Engineer, La-Z-Boy Inc.

“I learn so much better (and faster) from hands-on experience, and having all our questions answered are only a couple of the benefits of this course. I would not have gained the knowledge from watching training videos or reading the information from a book. I highly recommend your course.” Manufacturing Engineer, S K Hand Tool Corporation.