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Time Study Training

Industrial Timestudy Institute’s Time Study, Methods, and Continuous Improvement training program is designed to fully train your personnel to perform your work measurement requirements professionally the first day back on the job. No prior experience or training in Time Study or Work Measurement is necessary.

Our 60 years of basic, easy to understand training techniques and concepts combine classroom and actual hands-on training to expose students to true manufacturing conditions, not simulated classroom cases. Our course is specifically developed to minimize lectures and maximize hands-on “doing” to provide the best possible learning experience, assuring that students understand and retain the information. Students return to work with the skills and experience necessary to perform time studies and methods analysis.

The opportunity to observe numerous manufacturing operations and methods, along with round-table discussions, will generate new ideas and enthusiasm in your employee.

In addition, a professional engineering instructor monitors participants’ progress, giving them close personal attention throughout the entire program. Participants develop their skills and gain the experience and confidence necessary to enable them to make significant contributions to your company’s productivity and profits.

People who attend our training sessions come from a variety of organizational backgrounds and experience levels, which stimulates interesting class discussions. In addition, they have the opportunity to discuss specific situations or problems they may have at their company with an experienced industrial engineer/trainer, thus giving them assistance in solving specific problems.

If you have several people to train, this same program that is offered monthly in our Akron, Ohio training center can also be brought to your facility.


Comments From Students

“I would recommend this training opportunity to anyone involved in a manufacturing, production or warehouse environment. The plant visits and the time studies performed were excellent practice but also practical hands-on training. Classroom discussion gave each of us a chance to share our personal work experiences, situations and solutions. I am confident I will be able to produce quality data and results to improve productivity and work methods.” Industrial Engineer, Caliber Logistics.

“I especially enjoyed going off-site to perform time studies in other facilities. Not only did this keep each student fresh, but it also gave a break form the theory and enabled the class to use time study in an actual working environment.” Methods Technician, Compaq Computer.

“As a person with very little knowledge of time study I found the class to be very beneficial and feel confident that I will be able to conduct time studies that are fair and equitable. In this era of outsourcing to lower cost overseas suppliers, this class is invaluable.” Engineering Manager, Daisy Outdoor Products.

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