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Retail Consulting

Industrial Timestudy Institute, Inc. has been providing programs designed to maximize and improve labor efficiency for over fifty years. Our consulting experience covers the retail process, from transportation, warehousing and distribution, through retail store operations. Meeting the needs of our retail clients, ITI’s consulting group has been able to develop, implement and assess the success of labor efficiency programs within retail operations.

Industrial Timestudy Institute’s retail merchandiser methodology enables retailers to establish baseline standards and productivity measurements that can be used to determine the appropriate in-store service hours by department or area based on volume, footage, and product mix.

Additional benefits can include:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Efficient staffing operations
  • Elimination of identified inefficiencies
  • Process improvements
  • Increased profit margins

Engineered Retail Labor Standards developed by Industrial Timestudy Institute provide companies with a quantitative measurement system that allows for efficient labor scheduling. Implementing standardized work procedures and engineered labor standards provides substantial efficiency gains and potential dollar savings to the bottom line.

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Significant cost savings can be achieved by optimizing and improving in-store processes and procedures, with particular focus on those that impact store operational improvements.

Our professional engineers use a systematic process analysis to identify and quantify retail merchandising level inefficiencies, providing process improvement recommendations and associated time savings.