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On-Site Training

Do You Have Several People To Train?

We Can Bring the Training to Your Site!

Industrial Timestudy Institute has been providing training in work measurement and continuous improvement techniques for over 60 years. Our basic, easy to understand training techniques and concepts have assisted companies in achieving increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved profitability. We can bring this training to your site and tailor it to your specific needs and schedule.

Why Is This Program Unique?

Industrial Timestudy Institute’s unique “hands-on” training provides the basis on which further improvements can be developed. This course will give each student a solid introduction and basic understanding of the fundamental work measurement concepts in just three days! Students will:

  • Gain the skill and knowledge to perform time studies and develop standards.
  • Practice and develop their newly acquired skills on live operations.
  • Master time-tested tools that will help solve process and methods problems.
  • Estimate the cost of alternate methods and justify the change.

In addition, participants will learn to:

  • Establish reliable performance benchmarks and uncover hidden cost reduction opportunities.
  • Standardize/simplify operational processes and methods.
  • Incorporate product quality and productivity improvement considerations into work methods.
  • Provide cost justification for new methods and equipment.

This is MUST ATTEND training for anyone interested in reducing costs and improving productivity, including, but not limited to, industrial engineers, manufacturing engineers, production managers, plant managers, supervisors, team leaders, continuous improvement coordinators, and Kaizen teams.

Overview of Course Content

  • Continuous and Snapback Time Studies
  • Proper Elemental Breakdowns
  • Normalizing, Performance Rating
  • Personal, Fatigue, Unavoidable Delay allowances
  • Developing Fair and Equitable Standards
  • Machine and Process Studies
  • Standard Data and Standard Costs
  • Methods Analysis and Cost Reduction
  • Standardized Work

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Comments About Our Training

“Everyone in business today faces one common challenge: reduce the cost of labor! Those that don’t do it today are in jeopardy of not being in business tomorrow. Using outside consultants can be of great help, if the right one is selected. We believe we selected the right one, Industrial Timestudy Institute out of Akron, Ohio. We could not be more pleased with the results of the training and recommend it without reservation.” Director of Operations, Precision Dynamics.

“Time well invested. Being able to study our own operations was invaluable. We were able to address the every day situations that arise on our floor and have our questions answered by an experienced engineer/instructor. Methods analysis was extremely helpful in recognizing ways to improve production. Would definitely recommend this training.” Value Stream Manager, Bassett Furniture Company.

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