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Work Measurement Specialists and Consulting Engineers: Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs, Improve Profit

Warehousing & Distribution

Similar to manufacturing objectives, warehousing and distribution objectives are to minimize cost and maximize customer service.

Productivity improvement and cost reduction are the bottom line for warehousing and distribution operations. Generally, expenditures for labor are the largest single cost component of warehousing and distribution.

A critical first step for improving productivity and reducing costs is developing engineered labor standards. Engineered labor standards establish a baseline productivity measurement. They are also used to measure productivity levels in key cost areas such as: order picking, packing, shipping, receiving and put away.

Work measurement, time studies, methods engineering, and standardized work are all tools that can be used to develop work content and labor cost comparisons that help choose the best handling and storage methods.

Productivity analysis/evaluations can determine how employees spend their time and what they spend it on, as well as determine the amount of productive vs. non-productive time.

Engineered Labor Standards Development

Labor Standards are at the heart of any successful labor management environment. Calculation of Work Content and comparisons of labor costs are required when choosing the best methods for work practices. Industrial Timestudy Institute’s professional industrial engineers can develop labor standards for all of your warehousing and distribution areas. Our engineers utilize the latest cutting edge data collection tools.

Standards developed by Industrial Timestudy Institute become key components for all warehousing and distribution areas:

  • Labor Scheduling & Budgeting – Accurate labor standards ensure the right labor hours are generated for the operations weekly schedules and labor budgets.
  • Performance Reporting – Evaluating warehouse/distribution performance against standards becomes a critical component for identifying opportunities for labor savings.
  • Best Practice & ROI Analysis — The standards developed by Industrial Timestudy Institute will allow you to estimate improvement potential for process changes and equipment investments. Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Warehousing and distribution operations are dynamic environments. Labor standards must be maintained to reflect changes in business. Industrial Timestudy Institute can provide continuing engineering support on an as-needed basis to meet your ongoing engineering requirements. We structure this agreement to meet your specific requirements, so you only invest in what you need.


Process Improvement/Best Practice Analysis

Improving warehouse and distribution processes in order to maximize productivity and reduce costs is a key objective. Industrial Timestudy Institute’s professional engineering staff can assist your team in identifying and quantifying these areas of opportunity. Our engineers use industrial engineering tools and methodology in conjunction with our years of experience to develop improvement opportunities specifically for your warehousing and distribution operations. Our specialty is developing programs designed to maximize labor efficiency. This approach has proven effective in reducing costs and improving productivity for companies like Miller Brewing, Rubbermaid, and Artesian Industries.

This time proven methodology helps ensure the productivity benefits you can expect, through the use of engineered labor standards.

Customer Comments

“The most impressive characteristic during this project was your firm’s concern for fairness and the personal communication skills. The rapport that you attained with our employees was a major contribution to the results of this project — a 100% increase in truck loaders productivity and a 50% increase in rail loaders productivity.” Manager Plant Engineering, Miller Brewing Company.

“I would like to thank your firm for the excellent work performed on the Work Measurement Project in our receiving, warehouse, and shipping departments. The rapport established with the hourly and management personnel made the project go very smoothly. The extra effort by your engineers allowed us to complete the project within the tight time schedule. The implementation of standards will result in 20% labor savings.” Project Engineer, Rubbermaid Commercial Products.